Dr.Palm is a USA certified Integrated Medical Practitioner and a Fellow of Cardio-Metabolic Medicine at the Institute for Integrated Medicine. In addition he is a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist.

Integrated or functional medicine has taken up the challenge that other health professionals may have given up on their patients. It is a refreshingly different health science and gets to the core of issues that may be causing you distress, for instance, do you suffer from  fatigue, depression, being overweight, the inability to concentrate, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disturbance ?  Are you unhappy with the quality of your life and your relationships?

You don't have to accept the poor health (both mental and physical) rut that you’re in.  Age related decline can also be slowed, or even reversed.

You will notice that we have used the term "dis-ease" throughout the site.  Dis-ease is used as a substitute for the word disease by healing communities who are aligned with wellness. The intention is to place emphasis on the natural state of "ease" being imbalanced or disrupted, desiring not to give too much forcus to a particular ailment.