Eight Keys to Staying in Balance

  1. Optimize your mental hygiene. Make sure you are not feeding yourself untruths and myths in the way you think. "As you speak, so you think, and so you behave and influence your body."
  2. Optimize Nutrition. Cut out the bad stuff (sugars, animal fats, fried foods, alcohol, and things that are poisoning your body  -like chlorine in drinking water) and up your intake of the good stuff (broccoli, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts).
  3. Balance Your Hormones. Our hormones such as insulin, thyroid, sex hormones, stress hormones etc. work as a team. A deficiency in one affects them all and can cripple your health.
  4. Get Rid of Low Level Inflammation that lead to various chronic illnesses such as heart attacks, Alzheimer, arthritis etc.
  5. Fix Your Digestion. Digesting and absorbing nutrients is critical for our health. Our digestive system also protects us from internal toxins, bugs and potential allergens.
  6. Enhance Detoxification. We need to eliminate our metabolic waste and the toxins that are taken in from what we eat, and also from water, air, pollution and medication.
  7. Boost Energy Metabolism. Extracting energy from the food you eat and the oxygen you breath is crucial for life. When that stops you die.
  8. Take Control of Your Life. A life of meaning and purpose; empowered, and connected to loving relationships and community is essential for health.