Integrated Health

Integrated or Functional Health is a NEW way of approaching human health and fulfillment. It takes into account all aspects that make you uniquely human.

  • Your physiological systems
  • The thoughts you think and behaviours

The traditional medical model is focused upon disease, while we focus on promoting and restoring good HEALTH.

Names are given to diseases like depression and ADHD. All that does is group people together who have the same symptoms for the purpose of giving them all the same treatment or drug therapy. What if I tell you that new research tells us that there is no such thing as depression?

What we see as the symptoms of depression are reflections of inter-connected imbalances in the body and minds of people, and they have nothing to do with diagnosis as we know it.

Depression is not a psychiatric illness, but an imbalance in a number of the inter-related "body and brain/mind" systems.

It can be treated (often) without medication. As can diabetes (Type 2), blood pressure, cholesterol, fatigue, hypertension, arthritis, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and most chronic conditions.