Information to Help You Change Your Life

Self-help books can play a valuable role to help people gain an understanding of their life situation, their physiology, emotions, relationships and the neurology that underlies much of human discomfort and suffering.

We believe that there are a limited number of people, who after reading a research based and scientifically validated self-help book, can make life changes without the help of a professional health care professional.

We see the value of self-help books as a reinforcing mechanism that supports consultation with a professional health care professional.

HOWEVER most self-help books are there only to help the author become rich. They are not only useless, but dangerous.

We promote only reading material that has passed rigid scientific research. We validate the quality of every publication before we promote it on this website.

We pledge to keep the nonsense and pop psychology, pop medicine, dangerous diets, and all other "Placebo Based" pseudo-science away from this website.



As with the reading material, we endeavor to stock only CD's and DVD's that have a firm scientific basis.

We bring you material not to FEEL BETTER, but to GET BETTER at living a more satisfying life.